How to Do a Side Plank—and 2 Other Balancing Yoga Poses You Might Be Getting Wrong

Nothing throws off your flow like teetering or even falling as you’re trying to hold your balance during yoga class. But there could be a reason you can’t seem to get your body weight to stay centered. Yoga instructor Kirby Koo says it’s not uncommon for students to need some guidance when they’re trying a new balance-focused pose, which is exactly what she’s going to give you in this video. Here’s how to fix three balances you get could be doing wrong:

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Dancer pose

As you stand on one leg and extend the other high behind you, reach your arm over your shoulder and hold your foot in your hand. Keep your knee bent at a 90 degree angle behind you, and make sure your hips are square to the floor. Lift the arm that isn’t holding your foot so that it’s above your head and angled forward.

Shoulder stand

While extending your legs in the air, make sure your elbows are angled in toward your body and not poking out to the sides. Let your weight fall into your hands while they’re placed on your lower back, and keep your legs straight.

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Side plank

With one hand and foot on the floor supporting your body weight, draw your shoulders back, preventing your chest from falling forward. Then lift your hips to the sky, and keep your eyes looking at the ceiling.

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