How would I know if I was having a super early miscarriage or just a very brown period?

My period is 12 days late. My pregnancy odds are exceptionally low (protected sex on day 7 of my period, a full FOUR WEEKS before my next period was due, I’ve consistently had a 34-36 day cycle for 2 years). If I am somehow pregnant, I’m 5 or 6 weeks along at this point. I’ve had an exceptionally stressful month between a near break up with BF of 2 years AND a breast cancer scare (I was terrified for a full week given family history). I started getting brown spotting 4 nights ago. Just one or 2 drops. I started getting more yesterday, probably like a teaspoon over the course of a day. This morning I woke up with menstrual cramps and a headache and I can acyaully feel the brown blood like I would a normal period. I do plan on taking a test but I probably can’t today, there’s a huge storm and I can’t drive so no hope of getting to the pharmacy. Is this possibly a period or am I having a miscarriage?

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