I feel like i sweat too much?

it’s really embarrassing when i’m out in public. I tried looking it up online, and it says it often happens if you’re overweight, but i’m not so I’m confused. I’m 23 for context.

if i’m wearing shorts, it looks like I’m peeing myself from the amount of sweat running down my legs, and that’s not an exaggeration. In college, i would wake up to my bed soaked in sweat and I’d have to throw out my mattress pad at the end of the year because it smelled even though I took a shower before bed every night. I don’t wear light colored clothes because I leave permanent sweat stains. When i wear short sleeves, i have sweat dripping down my elbows. I’ve had this problem for about 4 years now and I haven’t been on the same medications all 4 years (I wasn’t on any at all, even birth control when it started), so i don’t think it’s a side effect. Any ideas of what it can be? My doctor didn’t really look into it and told me to ask my gyno, but I don’t see her for a while and i want to know if it’s something I can somehow address now, or if I should be concerned.

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