I feel like the copper IUD “ruined” my life

Before I rant: I’m well aware that I’m in a very small camp of people where the side effects are horrendous. Please don’t take this as a “DON’T GET IT!!!” sign. At all.

I got the copper IUD inserted. And aside from the non-stop cramping, and the occasional burst that was so bad, it brought me to my knees, everything was okay-ish. Just really long periods. 2 weeks long.

And then it wasn’t okay. I had a persistent low grade migraine for what I usually get. I had headaches after headaches. My balance was getting worse, and walking down steps felt like I was dicing with death (Yes, I’m dramatic, but it was scary). My nails started splitting and peeling.

Google searches said it could be possible iron deficiency. I’m already genetically anaemic. Random Google search… Copper IUDs should be considered carefully for people with iron deficiency anaemia.

I made an appointment with my doctor, she didn’t even need me to convince her to write a blood test referral. A week later, we looked at the results. I’ve never seen the words “sources of blood loss should be considered” on my blood test paperwork before – and I’ve been getting bloodtests all my life. Suddenly the options were an iron infusion, ramp up my iron supplements, get my IUD removed, or wait and see.

4 days later, I got my IUD removed (I also got to keep it…) I had started my period at the time, and it was a normal-ish period. 8 days. No pain. Nothing out of the ordinary. Just no cramping.

First official period post removal was done in 50 hours. I had to wash my bedding, it was so bad. I’d started recovering from the severe iron deficiency symptoms, but they came back.

I started my period today. It’s my second one. I’m in agony right now. I thought previous period cramps were bad, this has me in tears. And I’m scared the symptoms of severe iron deficiency will come back again too. It sucks not being independent, having to rely on others because my already messed up chronically ill body is worse.

The only good thing to have come out of this is that I’ve been approved for a uterine ablation and a salpingectomy. Hopefully to lessen my periods and stabilise my iron levels, as I’ve struggled for years.

TL;DR: Copper IUD worsened my genetic anaemia to severe anaemia levels. Had it removed, and now my menstrual cycle and iron levels are all over the place. Also pain.

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