I have a vagina and I may be stupid but — help?

I only recently made an effort to become more aware of my anatomy and it has simultaneously enlightened me and confused me even more. When I put a finger in, right near the entrance not even half an inch deep I can feel a weird protrusion. I can go above it, below it, and all around it, and I can also push it back deeper as far as my finger can reach. Its fleshy and soft to the touch.

I have no idea what its all about. On another note, most often when i use tampons (I’ve only tried getting into them recently) many times only half of the tampon will be bled on before it starts leaking through, and most of the time my tampon will start poking out even when i feel i’ve put it as deep as i can. I’ve never been pregnant or given birth. The only thing I’ve been able find online when i try describing this is uterine prolapse which I really hope I’m too young to have.

am i just really stupid? what is this? does anyone know? ty for commenting!

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