I just had cervical cryosurgery

I’m documenting my experience because I couldn’t find anyone’s experience before I had the procedure done.

I have been with my boyfriend for 6 years and the last three years I have bled (bad) during sex and then would continue to bleed a few days after. My previous gyno told me multiple times “it’s normal. Just something us women have to deal with”.

After moving states I saw a new doctor and she reassured me it was absolutely NOT normal. I was diagnosed with cervical ectropion. Basically, uterine cells are migrating out and onto the outside of my cervix. Every time my bf would hit my cervix during sex, my cervix would get super angry and make a murder scene.

I just had treatment today for it. Cervical cryosurgery. It was NOT fun (I also have a tilted cervix). But I’m hoping it’s worth it.

My doctor really struggled getting a good view of my whole cervix, with both positioning and blood in the way. A procedure that should have been maybe 20 mins ended up being over and hour and 30. She tried multiple speculums of different shapes and sizes. She would use those grabby things to pull my cervix into view and it would just slip right back. Thankfully she used a lot of numbing from shots in my cervix.

She eventually got a view she felt comfortable with and applied the freezing tool. It caused bad cramping but I would honestly say that the attempt at positioning, pulling on my cervix and the shots hurt worse. Not really hurt, as your cervix doesn’t have nerve endings, but an extremely uncomfortable pinching, tugging and pressure. Afterwards they gave me a type of ibuprofen shot to help with the pain I was going to experience when the lidocaine shots in my cervix wore off.

Because my cervix is so difficult, she wants to see me back in two weeks to see if we have to do the treatment again. I’m really hoping that we don’t have to.

My procedure was at 10:30 this morning. I’m feeling pretty bad cramps and back pain. I haven’t had cramps since before I was on birth control so I’m kind of a baby with this. Having some heavy spotting that is thin and watery blood.

My boyfriend bought me a lava cake and I’m going to cuddle with my dog tonight. Here’s to treatment, blood free sex and feeling better!

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