I keep getting my period week after week. :(

Hi ladies. Im hoping someone can tell me something about whats going on :(. I got my period about 5 weeks ago and it last a full 8 days. i was off of it for 3-4 days and then right back on it again. This has been happening where i get my period for 6-8 days, a couple days with no period, and then im right back on it again! I am having extremely painful cramps which are very abnormal. I usually only get back pain and that is so bad now i am constantly having my boyfriend rub my back. Not to be TMI, but i just really want answers. My period is only brown discharge. It gets slightly heavier towards the middle of the week but for the most part remains very light. I am taking birth control, yaz to be specific. This is the first time this has happened since ive started yaz about a year and a half ago. I am in complete distress in life right now. I dont know if that could also play a part. I have lost 25-30 pounds without trying over the course of this whole year too. If someone could please help i would really appreciate it 🙁 thankyou!!

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