Introducing HuffPost Life

Lifestyle sites tend to suck. They can make you feel terrible about yourself, telling you that you are too fat, not rich enough and not cool enough. They tell you that the key to happiness is buying more stuff you don’t need and can’t afford. They traffic in telling people — usually women — how to be more like anyone but themselves.

Surveying this landscape, I wonder whether they even try to touch upon the problems and concerns that you or anyone you know have. When HuffPost went on the road last year as part of our Listen to America bus tour, we heard from people across the country about the issues that keep them up at night: How to pay for child care; how to relate to people who are different from them; how to handle student debt; how to deal with a non-stop news cycle that has the whole country on edge; what to do about a lack of good housing in their cities. I could go on.  

We think we can give you something better. We want to arm you with solid information about how you can live a great life on a real person’s budget, on your terms.

So, on Monday, HuffPost will debut the culmination of a year’s worth of work and thinking with the launch of HuffPost Life. The new section will offer expert advice, actionable guidance and real talk for real people on money, relationships, work, wellness, travel, food, style, home life and parenting. We like to call it our “no-BS guide to modern life.” In other words, you won’t find us hawking any pricey vaginal eggs here.

Other than a cleaner, more inviting and bolder aesthetic, what will you find at HuffPost Life?

  • A new section on Money, where we’ll cover everything about personal finance, saving, real estate and real-world money management that you should have learned in school — but didn’t.

  • Work/Life, a timely new section exploring the way we work now, from managing gender dynamics in the office to productivity tips.  

  • An original illustration series on universal quirks of love and relationships, with a focus on diverse families and couples.

  • Behind the ’Gram, a new feature where we’ll puncture the notion of perfection that Instagram seems to promote, and we’ll hear from so-called influencers about all the work that goes into a ‘perfect’ shot.  

  • A new interview series with top leaders, trendsetters and dealmakers on how they handle the stress of modern careers and busy lives, and how they cut through the nonsense to get shit done.

  • Consumed, a deep dive from our Food + Drink team on a monthly obsession. In October? They’ll tackle Epic Sandwiches you can make or simply appreciate.

  • Aging in America, a series on tackling the one thing we have in common ― aging ― through the lenses of money, sex, mental health and more.

  • It’s Not You; It’s Me, a reported look at what it’s like to date in America when you don’t feel like you fit the mold.

  • Tough Love, where we’ll meet real couples who have gotten through the hardest situations people face: losing a child, infidelity, military deployments — and how you can, too.

  • A Minute and Change, which offers one easy thing you can do to incorporate healthy habits into a busy life.

Because one of our biggest goals will be fostering real connections between people, we’re thrilled to announce that the first HuffPost Life real-world event will be our inaugural parenting conference on Friday, Nov. 2, in Brooklyn, called ”How To Raise A Kid.”

The idea is that there isn’t enough support for parents to deal with the big problems that arise as kids start to develop their own lives. There’s no clear guidebook for navigating issues like sex and consent, their digital identities, bullying and peer pressure and how they can discover and follow their moral compass. (Sound like something we need right now?) Our event will bridge the divide between time-starved, stressed-out parents and the experts ― including psychologists, educators, social media experts, children’s book authors and some famous faces ― who have a lot of answers. For example, I’ll be having a one-on-one conversation with the brilliant stepparent and two-time Olympic gold medalist Abby Wambach. Most importantly, we’ll connect parents to each other and provide a network that will last long after the day is through. There are a few seats left, and we’d love to see you there.

Even if you can’t make it to Brooklyn in November, or if you hate kids, we’d love to see you follow along with all of Life’s great new journalism. You can find us on:

HuffPost Life will be a work in progress, and it won’t work without you. We want to hear about the topics you want advice about and where you need help navigating your world. Check out the new site here. Welcome to the world, HuffPost Life.

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