Irregular period

Hi everyone I’m 21F I was wondering is it normal for females in their early 20’s to get irregular periods? I’ve heard the term “second puberty” which supposedly happens in ur early 20s. Which I also have noticed. Irregular periods, my women body is developing, breasts are sore alot, emotions are everywhere sometimes, someone even told me that I look way taller, who knows lol and lately I would say up until about 5 months ago my period has been very irregular here and there. Maybe I should mention that I had Covid this year so idk if it has anything to do with it. Sometimes I get my period twice a month . Or other months I’ll experience PMS symptoms in the beginning of the month and not even get it till the end of the month. Or experiencing PMS symptoms after my period is over. This is the second month I’ve gotten it twice a month. Anyone else experience this?

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