Iskra Lawrence’s 5 Personal Power Plate Moves That Will Work Your Entire Body

Call us impressed.

Model and fitness influencer Iskra Lawrence is not one to shy away from telling it like it is. Her Instagram account is all about body positivity and self-love, and she frequently opens up on being happy at her healthiest size. Lawrence teamed up with Health to talk about body image in the fitness industry, while demonstrating a kick-butt Love-Your-Body Personal Power Plate Workout to strengthen and tone your entire body.

“Stop passing judgement about someone’s health just from their size,” says Lawrence. A person’s size doesn’t tell you anything about their endurance or whether or not they can beast a workout. Fitness outlets often showcase a specific-sized woman (read: skinny) exercising, but Lawrence points out, “I know a hell of a lot of curvy girls who are strong and fit and mobile and are very active.” She’s calling for more inclusion of all body types. “We have to welcome everyone into the conversation, and we have to let people feel like they can be involved in fitness, workouts, the discussion of health–because it’s more than just a size.”

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In the video above, Lawrence demonstrates some all-over exercises using the Personal Power Plate. But, what exactly is this device and how does it work? The Personal Power Plate’s PrecisionWave technology creates vibrations said to intensify your workout. The surface vibrates 35 times per second, and your muscles are thought to respond by working harder during your exercise.

The best part? The exercises don’t need to be complicated at all. You can actually do traditional moves on the Personal Power Plate and get magnified results. Lawrence shows us five classic, total-body exercises that will work your body in a new way. Better still, these moves are great to do at home–even if you don’t have this high-tech gadget. Phew!

Plank ups: Remember to squeeze your thigh and glute muscles to keep your body and legs in a straight line.

Lunge and reach: When in the lunge position, be sure to fully extend your arms and reach down as far as you can toward your front toe.

Squat jumps: Focus on landing your squat as quietly as possible, which requires more control.

V-ups: Keep your abs engaged by pulling your navel to your spine.

Hamstring reach: Try to maintain a 90-degree angle by not dropping your chest.

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