IUD bleeding/spotting

I’ve had a hormonal IUD (Kyleena) in for about 2 months.

I’m aware spotting/bleeding can be normal for the first 6 months, so I’m not concerned about that. My concern is, with the consistent bleeding, my vag is not really breathing enough.

I’m still getting my period once a month, so far , but I’m spotting every day in between, so I’m constantly wearing pads/liners which is causing a bit of a smell and irritation during the day.

On light spotting days, I’ve stopped wearing a pad if I know I’m not going out, which has honestly helped, but then I’m stuck changing my underwear multiple times a day.

Due to the constant moisture, I can’t imagine that’s good for my vaginal hygiene. I haven’t copped a yeast infection yet but some days it feels like it.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to help? Or has anyone had the same experience?


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