IUD LOST. Strings NONvisual. Can’t feel inside at all. Any advice on this experience?

I have the Mirena IUD (not copper) since July of 2021 and immediately after have had cramping and on and off random spotting and bleeding. I kept getting back to back BV since September 2021 (2 months after insertion) and am still dealing with it going on 10 months… I am so miserable. Anyways,

I just got done at the OBGYN this morning like 20 minutes ago I’m bawling my eyes out rn lol bc I feel so defeated. I went in to get removed the IUD and she couldn’t find it. She poked with tools and tried for like 15 minutes while I cramped and cried and no luck. She says if it was in the right place she would be able to feel it and I need the ultrasound to determine if she can pull it out, or if I need a hysteroscopy (D&C)

I am terrified. They were able to book me an ultrasound tomorrow morning (2 hours from where I live) but I took the first available and called out of work Idgaf. I am just so afraid it perforated my cervical wall and is like embedded and that’s why I’ve been getting back to back infections and she couldn’t feel IUD..

Added info that I went for a OBGYN appt 4/13 and he said he could see the strings, since then I’ve left my abusive partner and have been celibate for almost two months.

Thank you so much for any help and advice and love you can give me ahead of time… I’m so thankful there are others who have the same experience

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