Jennifer Lopez's New Haircut Is Perfect for Anyone Who's Scared of Cutting Bangs

Getting bangs is freaking scary. You’re literally chopping off the hair directly in front of your face with a pair of razor-sharp scissors, and seconds after the hair hits the floor, your routine becomes dramatically more high-maintenance. But there’s no denying it — they’re chic as hell and they make a look all on their own. Just ask J.Lo.

Thanks to hairstylist Chris Appleton, the celebrity now has a set of super long bangs with her signature beachy waves. And super long isn’t an over exaggeration, either. Her new bangs extend nearly an inch past her eyebrows, and when parted in the middle slightly, they create a curtain-like, wispy effect. The side pieces appear top be tapered so that the fringe seamlessly blend into the rest of her hair.

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Lopez has been something of a side-swept bangs stan in the past, so this look is a slightly different take on styling the hair feature.

Overall, her new haircut is pretty ace inspiration for anyone who’s still nervous about chopping bangs in the first place. They’re long enough to pin back or push to the side.

Just leave it to J.Lo to make one this notoriously nerve-racking beauty decision nbd at all.

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