Jessica Alba’s Fashion Stylist Reveals the One Mistake Women Over 35 Make

You’ve probably been making this easy-to-fix mistake all along.

When it comes to impeccable style, Brad Goreski knows how to get it right. After all, he’s been helping Hollywood’s leading ladies shine bright on red carpets for years. It’s no surprise Jessica Alba’s stylist is clear on the biggest fashion mistake all women over 35 make.

According to Goreski, becoming too attached to the things that we have in our closet is a surefire way to spoil our style. The celeb guru purges his own closet at least twice a year to get rid of items that have stopped working for his age. “I think it’s important to visit our closet,” he begins. “Go through, and pull out what you haven’t worn in a few months. This helps reinvigorate your awareness of what you have in your wardrobe and what you need to add to it.” According to the pro, this practice will ultimately open up space to add new items to your fashion repertoire, eventually helping you find new styles that work perfectly for you. These are the other fashion mistakes you need to avoid if you want to look younger.

Not sure how to get started? Start small and see what trends fit your personal style, Goreski advises. “We [now] have the ability to try out different trends that excite us—but we don’t necessarily know will work for us—without breaking the bank,” Goreski tells us. For example, accessories, including sunglasses, can offer big style points without too much risk. In fact, The Vision Council encourages us to wear our sunglasses like these best sunglasses with UV protection whenever we’re outside because UVA and UVB can still come through even with cloud cover.

The celebrity stylist also encourages us to stop putting too much pressure on what decade we are in and instead, decide “your style from a place of what makes you happy,” he says. To prove his hypothesis, Goreski points to style icons that have stayed true to their style aesthetic throughout every decade of their life—Jackie Kennedy is one of our favorite enduring style icons. “It’s important to stay true to who you are, but find ways to streamline,” he says. “Don’t allow your age to hinder the way that you are styling yourself, it’s important to still push boundaries.” Find out more fashion secrets stylists won’t tell you for free.

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