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John Mayer Reveals Why He Gave Up Drinking After Drake's Birthday Party

John Mayer revealed he gave up drinking after an embarrassing incident at Drake’s birthday party two years ago. 

“Oh, I have the most amazing last-night-of-my-life-drinking story,” the singer divulged in Complex’s November issue cover story. 

“It was Drake’s 30th birthday party, and I made quite a fool of myself. It took me weeks to stop doing this every morning I woke up,” he said, appearing to allude to his heavy drinking. “And then I had a conversation with myself. I remember where I was. I was in my sixth day of the hangover. That’s how big the hangover was.” 

Mayor then realized that drinking was limiting his potential, so he decided to make a change and sober up. And once he did, the skies opened up. 

“That next year, I did four tours, I was in two bands, I was happy on airplanes,” he said. “So what happens when you stop drinking? The level feels like boredom at first. But if you stick with it, the line straightens out and it goes kind of low.”

While this sobriety plan worked for him, Mayer knows that drinking is an extremely personal thing for most people, and there’s no one-size-fits-all-guide to participating in it or not.

The singer added that it’s “really hard” to stop drinking in our society because it’s “constantly pushed on you.” 

“Every Friday and Saturday, on social media, there is enabling going on for drinking,” the 41-year-old said. “What if I woke up every morning on Saturday and Sunday and put my feet on the ground and I just went ‘not hungover’ and put it on social media every day?” 

He added, “That would be an influence on people because I think you forget that’s an option. If you look at drinking the way you would look at anything else, which is risk-reward, what am I giving up? What am I getting? It’s some of the worst odds that ever existed.” 

In addition to giving up drinking, Mayer said he’s also given up “being a dick,” according to a recent interview with Billboard.   

“Some people still say, ‘That guy’s a dick,’” Mayer told the magazine. “And I go, ‘Well, any of that data you’re working off of is really old.’ I mean, I can tell you for sure that I haven’t been a dick in many years. That’s a really outdated take.” 

Though, he added that take would’ve been pretty accurate a few years ago.

“I probably had a run in my life where I wasn’t aware that there was anything I couldn’t have. And it made a monster out of me,” the singer said. “And there’s something very freeing about you can’t. And that’s about the right age in your life where you go, ‘Yeah, you can’t.’”

Head to Complex to read the rest of Mayer’s interview. 

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