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Join The Million Mile Commute To Keep Fit And Win Great Prizes

There are many good reasons for commuting to and from work by bike. It’s cheaper and quite often faster than using public transport, plus it’s a great way of keeping fit and enjoying the summer weather.

And thanks to Red Bull’s Million Mile Commute initiative, if you ditch public transport during July you’ll also have the chance to win some great prizes.

Million Mile Commute is all about promoting the benefits of human-powered transport, whether it’s running or cycling. The objective? To log one million human-powered commuting miles on Strava as quickly as possible.

Last year it took just under three months to reach the million mile target, but this year Red Bull is determined to do it in just one month. It looks on track to achieve its target too, but every mile helps it get that little bit closer.

To get involved, head to and follow the registration steps. Then log your activities in Strava until end of July – and don’t forget to tag them as “commutes”!

These will be automatically counted, and you can check your individual and collective progress online at any time on Red Bull’s Million Mile Commute page.

Hitting distance milestones that start as low as 10 miles will see you entered into a prize draw, with prizes ranging from bottles and backpacks to a fully stocked Red Bull fridge for your office or even a new bike.

You can retrospectively tag your activities from July 1st as commutes and they will still count towards your progress. In other words, you have a better chance to win more prizes.

As a bonus, every Million Mile Commute Red Bull 250ml energy drink or sugar-free can sold over the summer will unlock 30 days of free Strava Premium.

For more details and to find out how to take part, head to Red Bull’s Million Mile Commute page.

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