Khloé Kardashian Would Very Much Like You to Stop Speculating About How She Lost Weight

Khloé Kardashian gave birth to her daughter, True Thompson, just two months ago. And in the short time since welcoming baby True, there has (upsettingly, yet unsurprisingly) been a lot of conversation surrounding her body. But that doesn't give people the right to assume that she's being unhealthy, especially when it comes to recent claims that she's lost too much weight too quickly.

Kardashian recently responded to rumors and reports about her weight loss and fitness choices on Twitter.

"I truly dislike when people report I’ve lost a tremendous amount of weight in a short amount of time or when people claim I’m doing these ridiculous diets," she tweeted on Monday. "It’s really setting the wrong tone. I believe in making lifestyle changes when it comes to my food."

She continued, "Dieting is great but dieting doesn’t typically create long lasting results. I also believe that working out is so incredibly healthy and should be done to each individuals own rhythm of life. There’s no one size fits all when [it comes to] health and fitness." Lastly, she ended with a note of encouragement: "To you out there, don’t give up!! Everyday is a new day to find your rhythm."

Obviously, Kardashian's body isn't anyone's business but her own. But her philosophy on health and fitness is refreshingly real.

First off, the way someone's body looks isn't necessarily an indication of their overall health. So let's stop with the assumption that, simply because someone looks thin or as if they've lost weight that it automatically signals they've done something unhealthy to achieve that, or that it's the result of an underlying health issue.

And as SELF wrote previously, getting back into a workout routine after having a baby isn't exactly easy. Although experts usually advise that you can start working out again after six weeks, that doesn't mean you'll be back to your previous level of fitness immediately. It's more important to check in with your doctor and simply do what you can, when you can.

But we know that "quick fix" type diets or nutrition fads tend not to be the best for your overall health or mindset. Trying to stick to a strict diet or cutting out foods you love really just encourages an unhealthy relationship with food and your body. Instead, as SELF wrote, it's more important to focus on how your food makes you feel and keep balance in mind above all.

What works for you may not be what works for anyone else. And, as Khloé said, everyone has to find their own individual approach to nutrition and exercise—whether or not they just gave birth.


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