Kris Jenner Shared Her Experience Having a Mammogram and Breast Ultrasound on Instagram

Getting a mammogram isn't necessarily everyone's favorite appointment, but Kris Jenner took hers as an opportunity to shed light on what the process is actually like. Jenner shared her experience getting a mammogram and breast ultrasound on Instagram and urged her fans to take some time to look out for their own health.

"I spent my morning at Cedars Sinai Medical Center with this little baby today…just reminding everyone to go get their Mammogram!!" she wrote.

"So important and can save lives. My Mom MJ is a breast cancer survivor and so are dozens of my friends," she continued in the caption. "Do this in honor of your loved ones I know all of us have someone in our lives who have dealt with cancer. Love you guys!!! ❤️🙏❤️🙏"

In a second post, she followed up with some of the details of her procedure, which involved an ultrasound along with the mammogram. "Ok guys, thank you for all of your comments about my mammogram… so after i had the mammogram this morning I also got a breast Ultrasound with this machine, just to double triple check," she wrote. "…this took about 15 minutes each side and gets under the arm, breast and nearer the chest in the middle … didn’t hurt at all just some pressure…and very thorough…some of you mentioned even more extensive testing so i thought i would share. #informationispower #bilateralbreastultrasound"

While mammograms are a fairly common and well-known test for most people with breasts, other testing isn't as commonly talked about.

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommends that women with average risks for breast cancer get mammograms every other year starting at age 50. But for some patients, including those with dense breasts, additional testing may be necessary on top of a mammogram.

That could mean an MRI, 3-D mammogram, or ultrasound. “We know anecdotally that ultrasound occasionally finds cancer that was missed on a mammogram,” Otis Brawley, M.D., chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society, previously told SELF. “But very frequently, ultrasound misses cancers that were found on a mammogram,” he noted, which is why it can be imperative for many women to get both.

Above all, chat with your doctor about your risks and your screening options.


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