Liletta side effect: Mood swings. Will it get better over time?

I’ve had it for a week. I have it because my period pain and bleeding is such that I end up in the emergency room. I live in a conservative area so every communication at the ER and Obgyn has basically mocked, ignored or blown off my feelings even when I state that what I am feeling can easily be verified by recognized authorities and sources online. I ended my last call with the Obgyn saying “Just Google Liletta” because I was told that I was the only patient who ever reported mood swings post insertion therefore its not the Liletta. At the ER when I was anemic and had been screeming from pain I was told I came there just to get a pregnancy test. “No!” I did not, I got one from the pharmacy. I was also told I was wasting ER space that could have been used for real patients. They concluded with a big smile and “Its just your period.” and sent me home with not even a Tylenol. This, this is why I am here. I tried to do it the right way. I tried to respect the medical profession. Now I need to find out if Liletta is worth the wait from perfect online strangers. Will the side effects lessen over time? Will my mental health improve as my body adjusts to Liletta? Should I wait for 3 months to go by and weigh being disabled by pain and bleeding vs mood swings or remove this IUD and find another way?

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