losing weight as a solution to PCOS?

Hi, everyone.

Ever since I hit puberty, my periods were irregular. As I grew older, my periods grew further and further apart. At some point I had my period every 6 months.

I also was always overweight, and my weight grew with me too. Today I am obese.

I saw two gynecologists for my periods. I am 20 years old now btw. They both advised me to lose weight while giving me treatment. Though one of them was really adament about losing weight.

Now, I have a big problem with weight. I can’t even begin to describe how deep my problem with weight is. But to put it in a few words : I was never able to lose weight. I tried dozens of diets and I always never lost weight or lost a little weight before gaining two times that weight. So I’m terrified of diets. Each diet proves me how weak I am.

One of my gynecologists even referred me to a nutritionist. The nutritionist gave me a pretty strict diet and immediatly after I left her office I broke down. At home I had a mental breakdown and I followed the diet for 2 weeks during which I was down in the dumps before giving up.

But I want to lose weight. I need to.

I just want to know one thing : is losing weight really going to help me?

If it’s going to, I am jumping into a diet. I’m going to try. Please just someone with experience with PCOS or with medical experience tell me it will help. I miss my normal periods.

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