LPGA Golfer Qualifies for US Open While Six Months Pregnant

The life of a working mom-to-be is undeniably challenging, but even more so when pursuing remarkable achievements that require a little more physicality. Amy Olson, an LPGA golfer, is defying expectations as she prepares for her first child, who will already have a unique claim to fame – major championship experience.

Already six months pregnant and carrying a baby around the size of a cantaloupe, Olson recently secured her spot in the US Women’s Open after playing 72 holes and shooting an impressive 6-under par at the Somerset Country Club.

Despite announcing her pregnancy in March, the determined 30-year-old made it clear that she would continue playing golf throughout the summer. Her intention was to play until she couldn’t anymore, and it seems that “anymore” won’t come until at least July 7, possibly a few days later if she advances past the 36-hole cut. The U.S. Women’s Open is scheduled for July 6-9 at the renowned Pebble Beach Golf Links in California, serving as Olson’s final tournament before her baby arrives.

Remarkably, Olson will be seven months pregnant when she competes at Pebble Beach, adding an extraordinary element to her participation. She expressed her motivation for competing at such a prestigious event, telling Inforum, “I wanted a shot at it because it’s Pebble. That was the big motivation, and it’ll be my last tournament before the baby comes, so it’s a good way to go out.”

In March, when asked about her plans for the Open, Olson humorously stated that she would “waddle up there and do whatever I can” if she qualified. She has already reached out to the United States Golf Association, joking that they will accommodate her “high-maintenance” requests, which include little more than “PB&J’s with peanut butter on both sides.”

Amy Olson boasts an illustrious career, with over 190 starts on the LPGA Tour, 13 top-10 finishes, and more than $2.5 million in earnings. However, she emphasizes that job security has always eluded her in this competitive field. “I’ve always had to take my life one year at a time because I’ve never had status for more than one year,” Olson said. “I’ll take the same approach after the baby comes, but I’m pretty noncommittal one way or the other. Life’s going to change a lot.”

The arrival of her baby will undoubtedly bring about significant changes, but Olson remains committed to giving her all at Pebble Beach. She affirms, “I’m going to do everything I can to stay healthy and do the best I can.”