Mandy’s On-Set Breast Pumps

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Mandy Moore is back to her on-camera role as Rebecca in This Is Us — and she can relate more to her character than ever before. Now that she’s a real-life mom, Moore is sharing the backstage must-haves she relies on. That includes her trusty Motif Luna Breast Pump ($ 189 on

“Things look a little different at work these days,” Moore, who just gave birth to son August “Gus” Harrison in March, captioned an Instagram Story. In the image, you can see Moore taking a mirror selfie to show off an extra-large water bottle (a must for nursing mamas!) and her Motif Luna. 

A few days later, Moore posted another mirror selfie, and shared more about why she loves her Motif Luna and Elvie Breast Pump ($ 499 on

“Pumps on pumps at work,” she wrote. “Really digging the @motifmedical Luna for [its] hospital grade strength and the @elvie for the hands free discretion (aka- pumping on set).”

Moore has been vocal about her breastfeeding experience thus far and even talked about how “lucky” she’s felt about the entire process on Dr. Elliot Berlin’s Informed Pregnancy Podcast. Due to her “oversupply of milk,” she has found the need to pump simply to relieve her engorged breasts.

“I have a lot of milk, and so his feedings are not super long. He gets plenty in eight to 10 minutes,” she shared, later adding, “Sometimes he doesn’t get to go to the other side during a feeding because he gets plenty of milk. But yeah, it hasn’t been a huge issue. I’ve had to pump a couple of times just for relief and just to help get rid of some of the supply, but I’m storing it.”

A great option for working moms, the Motif Luna is designed to help moms complete their pumping sessions in record time. It’s super lightweight (just 2 pounds), has a super quiet motor and has specific modes for nighttime use. So, if Moore is pumping in the middle of the night, she can rely on the backlit screen and night light for quick and easy sessions. And the Elvie ($ 499 on is the perfect on-set option, because you can easily place the pump in your bra for discreet pumping sessions. Some moms have even raved that they can pump during their morning commute!

See more: The Motif Luna is starting at $ 189 at and; the Elvie is starting at $ 499 at and

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