Menopause 20 years early ??

Hi, Can someone please help me I am very very lost. last month I didn’t ovulate (I track my discharge and there was no egg white – if I am not mistaken). Last period was a bit weird very light and had brown spotting for a week before the period normally it’s like 2-3 days before. Now I think I also didn’t ovulate, my period is late 2 days, and I have white discharge still…. not even brown.. all my life I had brown a couple days before the period it never goes from white to period the next day.. I am also not having any PMS symptoms this month and they are usually very very bad and start a week before (severe headaches, back pain, sore breasts etc) I don’t have any of that … Now as I type this I have miiiiild cramps but not in the same area they are lower like almost where my bladder should be so I can’t even tell if they are period cramps or gas or bladder pain like I have a UTI or something… usually my cramps are unbearable unless I get pain killers.. I feel very hormonal but in a different way like I feel like crying and sleeping which normally doesn’t happen on my period.. Am I having super early menopause? I know I should go see a doctor but I am super scared of what they might say.. I’m in my late 20s so very early for menopause but according to Google that can happen..
Regarding the chances of pregnancy, I didn’t use contraception but it’s because I didn’t ovulate so it’s pretty much ruled out and I don’t have any of the pregnancy symptoms which apparently are like PMS and I just feel nothing at all .. zero .. just mild cramps as mentioned and slightly heavy breasts that’s all !

Did this happen to anyone and they turned out okay later ?

Edit: I also remembered that maybe a week ago +/- I got a tiny pink blood with my discharge which made me think my period will start soon but it was tiny mini pink streak of blood can that be all I got for period ?

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