My boyfriend suddenly decided he won’t have sex with me until I go go a doctor. There’s nothing wrong with me.

I need some advice and I hope this is okay to post here.

So today, out of the blue my boyfriend told me over text that he refuses to have sex with me anymore until I go to a doctor. When I asked why he said that at this point he had to figure out something that will make me go, so I think he’s using this as a form of control or punishment. At first I thought he wanted me to get in birth control pills (that I cant afford, nor do I want) but he said it isn’t that. He just simply wants me to get checked out, but apparently not because he suspects an std. He gave me this month as a deadline. However right now I cant afford to go to a doctor of any kind because I don’t have insurance and I’m not an active term uni student (in my country we have passive term where we don’t get student discounts but we have a contract with uni). Where I’m from the doctor is free for students or those people with a job, however student jobs don’t count toward the insurance, (which I have since student work is still allowed on a passive status). He said he doesn’t care, he wants me to go get checked out to make sure everything is fine and he’ll take me there himself “if he needs to.” Am I in the wrong or is he??

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