My boyfriend wants me to go on birth control, but I don’t think I want to

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We've been having issues during sex from the get go. He says that the condom makes it difficult for him to orgasm. He also has a psychological block as well, which he think is caused by the condom. So the last time we had sex, he brought up the idea of going on birth control so we could do it without a condom. I've never had sex without a condom with any of my partners. I've been on birth control before and I had SEVERE reactions to it, even when I tried different pills. Depression, extreme rage, mood swings, thoughts of suicide, and apathy. I'm not particularly open to an IUD because I have no medical reason to get one. I've been doing just fine with condoms for the past few years; I've never had one break on me or had any pregnancy scares. This is not my problem and I kind of feel like I shouldn't have to take a pill that makes my life a living hell so he can have a couple seconds of pleasure.

It makes me angry that he brought this up and some things happened that night that made me feel very used and sad. I did tell him that we he did made me upset. I'm not really sure what to do. Should I go on it? Should we try different types of condoms? Should I look into other birth control options? I mean, I guess my point is that I shouldn't have to compromise my physical and mental health for this. I wish there were more inexpensive non hormonal birth control options.

God. I really don't like being a woman sometimes.

Edit: I want to add that I asked him to get a STD test because I wanted to be safe and he refused, which just made me even more angry. So you can ask me to put my body through hell, but you can't go get a simple test done? Alright.

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