My uterus is too big what could this be

20F, virgin

So, I went to my gnaechologist back in december with two major concerns:

1- My period was 10 days late and my ovulation bleeding which I usually have was way heavier and lasted for about a week (it’s usually very light and only lasts for 3 days).

2- I had yellow smelly discharge

So, my gynecologist requested me to do a urine culture which came back negative, and to do a ultrasound. Also, she prescribed me 2 pills of fluconazol for the discharge, which didn’t work.

I had my ultrasound done about a week ago when I was in the middle of my cycle because there weren’t any other dates available and I had already scheduled my appointment for tomorrow.

Anyway, my ultrasound results came in and everything is normal except for the size of my uterus. It says ” Uterus in anteversion and centered, measuring about 8.5 x 4 x 6 cm in longitudinal and transverse diameters respectively “. ” CONCLUSION/RECOMMENDATIONS: Assessment without relevant changes in age group, although uterus is globose in nulliparous” What could this be?? My periods aren’t particulary painful but I do feel a minor pelvic disconfort which I always thought was normal, some mild cramps. My flow is medium and my period always lasts 7 days exactly. What could this be?

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