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Never Waste Food Again: 9 Genius Ways to Use Up Leftovers

Sweetened condensed milk


Sweetened condensed milk can transform a dessert chewy, sweet, and just plain delicious. But if you’ve already got one cake or tray of bars on hand, you probably aren’t rushing to make more sweet stuff (though no judgment if you are). Instead, drizzle a little sweetened condensed milk over fruit for an instant dessert, or stir it into a coffee drink even your barista would be proud of. Try this recipe for My Ultimate Iced Coffee from Simply Delicious.

Hot dog and hamburger buns

croutonBrent Hofacker/Shutterstock

Who decided to sell hot dogs in packs of ten, but their rolls come in packs of eight? If you had to over-buy buns, don’t toss them just yet. Bake them into croutons (like these from Happy Hooligans) to toss into a salad or soup. You could also get creative by turning them into breakfast pastries with this recipe from Cupcake Project. Best of all, even stale bread works for both options. There’s an easy hack to stop bread from going stale. It’s one of 26 storage tricks to make your food last longer.

Heavy cream

whippedcreamTamara Kulikova/Shutterstock

Whip up any leftover heavy cream into fresh whipped cream to dollop on dessert or fruit. If savory is more your speed, a little goes a long way for making a next-level soup, scrambled eggs, or sauce. Try this Sun-Dried Tomato Cream Sauce from Damn Delicious, which uses just half a cup of heavy cream.

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