Not your average decidual cast

Okay so I’ve been part of this sub for a while now and as soon as I passed this… thing, I immediately thought that it was a decidual cast!

But.. why the f*** does it have HAIR ON IT?

Some additional details:

  • 5th day of period (first day was very light, next two days were very heavy, this past 2 days were the brownish leftovers)

  • Mild cramping

  • Negative pregnancy test (I took one after passing this to try and rule out miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy but it is late in the afternoon)

  • Not on birth control (stopped Dec 2020)

  • History of ovarian cysts

  • Ovulation pain nearly every month

  • Periods are regular

  • No current diagnosis of PCOS or endometriosis

Ummmm yeah I have no idea what’s going on. I’m more freaked out by the fact that it has what I’m assuming is hair (until someone tells me otherwise)

I have an appointment with a gynecologist May 23 for an exam but my anxiety is going to go through the roof until then.

Could this have been a miscarriage???

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