OBGYN called my horrific periods “normal”, please advise.

Starting at 12 I began to have 7 day long periods, I went through night time pads every 3-4 hours for 6 of the 7 days. I lost clots the size of a quarter and bigger. Obviously I also dealt with anemia. I’d get horribly depressed at the thought of living like this until menopause.

The cramping, I had back pain, nausea, the works for the whole time and would normally lose weight. It felt like someone was reaching inside and stirring my insides and then jabbing everything with a knife. OTC meds did not work even in high doses (+1200mg for ibuprofen) and I ended in the ER a couple times which did squat.

Anyways, I’m now on a hormonal B.C., I still get cramps and pain occasionally and vaginal bleeding if I “push” too much (like constipation). I had a lap done for endometriosis but they didn’t find any and she basically insinuated that it’s all in my head.

Is she right? Or is this an actual cause of concern?

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