One Grandma’s TikTok on Respecting Your Kids’ Parenting Is Going Viral

Navigating relationships with in-laws can be complicated, and it can get even more challenging when grandchildren become a part of the picture. We’ve all heard the horror stories of grandma sending the kids back loaded up on sugar or grandpa letting the kids watch movies mom and dad would disapprove of.

One grandma, Gwenith Rachele, is setting the record straight for how she believes grandparents can respect their children’s parenting style, and she’s going viral doing it. In the TikTok, which now has over 1 million likes, Rachele explains what she does when it’s time to take care of her son and daughter-in-law’s baby.

While cradling her grandson, Rachele explains, “So I do this with son and daughter-in-law when I watch my grandson. I ask them for their instructions, on his, you know, when he needs his bottles, what foods, um, anything I ask permission because I respect them as parents.”

“I think there’s no quicker way to disrespect your grown adult children than to, kinda have that mentality of, ‘I had kids so I know what I’m doing.’ You know what? I’ve had a baby, five of them, and I still ask my son and daughter-in-law, one, for permission, two, for you know, his routine schedule, what they want [to be] done with them, what they don’t, it’s just a respect thing. I don’t think it’s good to belittle your children,” Rachelle notes in the video.

Rachele’s philosophy seems to have resonated with viewers. Many users were quick to back up her message, adding comments like, “Yes! It’s so frustrating when grandparents don’t go along with what you are trying to teach your kid” and “I can’t stand when people say “I’m the grandparent I can spoil them if I want” like no, no you cannot. You listen to what the parent says. It’s easy.”

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