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Only 2 Restaurants Are Among the World’s Most Admired Companies

These companies are known for being innovative and socially responsible.

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People know Burger King for the Whopper, Wendy’s for the Frosty, and IHOP for their pancakes. Although each restaurant has their own specialty food fan base, some companies themselves have more admiration than others—beyond their menu.

The 2019 Forbes list of the most admired companies rank the best organizations from ten different industries, including food services. The highest ranking restaurant companies are Starbucks at number five and McDonald’s at number 37. The ranking looks at factors such as innovation, people management, social responsibility, and global competitiveness. Forbes looks at these restaurants from more of a business perspective, with industry executives, directors, and analysts voting in the ranking. Here are 12 fast-food items you should never order, according to employees.

Just because these companies are praised for their corporate reputation doesn’t mean they necessarily fair well with customers, as customer reputation and satisfaction are another story. Chick-fil-A, for example, is America’s favorite fast food chain for the third year in a row. Their high ranking could be thanks to a few things: they never freeze their famous chicken, they have a huge secret menu, and there are locations in almost every U.S. state. In fact, Chick-fil-A also beat out Whole Foods, Disney, and Microsoft when it comes to reputation, too. These are 15 of the oldest chain restaurants in the country.

Don’t worry—just because your favorite chain isn’t on the most admired, most loved, or most reputable lists don’t mean they’re bad. So keep on ordering your favorite meals from your favorite restaurants. Next, check out the 33 things your fast food worker isn’t telling you.

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