Overly sensitive during foreplay or intercourse

20 year old female. Please, I’ll try to explain this as best I can. My partner and I have a regular, fun, experimental sex life. Sometimes I have my own issues that stops us from having sex one day or so, but it doesn’t bother him. But there’s this one issue that really bothers me and almost can’t enjoy sex (it doesn’t happen often but it happened last night when we were engaging in foreplay and got into intercourse) I get this really “overly sensitive” feeling to where I’ll feel almost ticklish or even “semi pain” and I can’t stay still, I can’t catch my breath so I have to make him stop because it Almost doesn’t feel “good”… it’s like a feeling that overwhelms me… he was sucking my breasts and usually I absolutely love that and almost have an orgasm from that alone but I had to stop him last night bc I felt too “sensitive/ticklish” and idk what it is…. I couldn’t fully enjoy myself last night…. But I pushed through cause I wanted to. I don’t know if it’s because I’m just not relaxed,fully ready or I’m just super excited? I don’t know. But please help I try to explain it best I can it affects my drive, my mood and my experiences sometimes.

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