Packable Rain Jackets for Men and Women

Packing for adventure travel is all about being prepared for the unexpected. Sometimes that’s a European heat wave in the middle of February, and other times it’s a sopping downpour out of nowhere in Maui. Regardless of where you’re headed, it’s important to pack items that will protect you — and your itinerary — from any unwelcome weather.

Umbrellas and galoshes can be too bulky, but a lightweight rain jacket is one of the best transitional travel items you can bring because it will protect you from the rain, wind, and also the sun. Most of these jackets weigh practically nothing, so you won’t have a heavy burden while carrying it with you. Since they are so light, they can fold (or roll) easily into your travel bags.

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Some styles are thicker to provide an extra layer of warmth when the temperatures drop, like our pick from Stutterheim. But if you’re heading to a hotter and more humid climate, where the weather can change at the flip of a switch, bring a thinner, lightweight jacket, like the Patagonia and L.L.Bean styles. You’ll want a fabric that’s breathable, too, because with all the moving a traveler does, it’s easy to overheat in too many layers.

Scroll on to see our favorite packable rain jackets — for men and women — this season.

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