Paranoid over STDs, how do I stop this?

Okay so I know it’s normal and healthy to get tested before and after having sex with new partners, but for me, it’s like EXTREME.

For example now, I had sex with (let’s call him) Rob in March. He gave me oral, and we used a condom. I got tested just a little over a week ago, maybe 2 now, and everything’s good. So he didn’t give me anything.

We had sex again a week or so ago and I’m panicking as I usually do. I’m itching to get tested again because I’m scared he might have something and that I’m “dirty” now. Again, he gave oral and we used a condom.

I’m tired of looking crazy and always asking my doctor to test me and getting pricked for tests basically monthly.

Is anyone else like this? How can I calm down?

TLDR; I panic every time I have sex with someone and want to go get tested all the time. My latest partner and I used a condom (had sex a week ago) and I didn’t give oral but I’m still panicking to get tested despite getting tested just 2 weeks ago. How do I stop having such bad anxiety about stds?

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