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Patton Oswalt Talks Cereals Getting More Horrible As You Get Older

Getting old isn’t fun for a lot of reasons. You can’t stay out all night anymore. You can’t eat indiscriminately. Basically, you’ve got to make smarter choices ― in other words, be more boring.

Comedian Patton Oswalt appeared on Conan O’Brien’s show Thursday and explained how his life is changing as he begrudgingly tries to be healthier. Oswalt said he’s hiking more but is thrown off by hikers whose bodies are so cut they look like “a floor covered in LEGOs.”

Oswalt said he’s also eating better, but he’s disappointed that he can no longer have the bright colorful cereals that had animal mascots and “smelled like a carnival on meth.”

Check out his full clip above and let’s hope they never discontinue those cereals.

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