Peloton Homecoming: 4 Brand-New Features and Updates That Fans Will Love

Today Peloton announced some exciting new updates to its fitness platform at Peloton Homecoming 2021, a three-day virtual event for fans of the brand that runs April 30 through May 2. John Foley, the company’s CEO and cofounder, announced the upgrades in his April keynote address at the start of the event, which also features live classes and panels and talks with Peloton instructors, wellness and fitness influencers, and celebrities like Ally Love, Usher, and Allyson Felix.

Like most of us, Peloton has had a pretty up-and-down year. The brand surged in popularity during the pandemic home-workout boom, but also encountered serious safety issues and bike delivery delays. However, these software improvements and brand-new features, rolling out to users this weekend and later in the year, will likely have a number of Peloton fans pretty solidly pumped. Here’s what’s coming to a Peloton near you:

1. A new way to score all your workouts, based on your heart rate

Peloton is introducing Strive Score, “a personal, noncompetitive metric” based on how much time you spend in different heart rate zones during various types of workouts. Strive Score works with a compatible heart rate monitor to measure “how much time you spend in each heart rate zone to track how hard you’re working in every workout,” according to a Peloton blog entry. 

The feature, which will be available via the Peloton Bike, Tread, mobile application, Apple TV, and Fire TV, will work with a heart rate monitor to track your exertion level during all kinds of workouts. “The goal is to give you an easy way to compare your performance across workouts,” Foley explained in a video posted to Twitter

The feature will provide you with a “Typical Strive” at the start of each class for the kind of workout you’re doing, based on previous Strive Scores, so you can compare your heart rate with your own track record. Strive Score will become available to All-Access Members throughout this weekend and to Digital Members later this year.

2. New scenic rides and runs

The company is rolling out “revamped” scenic rides and runs available on the Bike or Bike+ and Tread or Tread+, “to give you a bit of a change from your day-to-day Peloton routine,” a blog entry states. The new content includes Distance workouts, which let you ride through places like Hawaii, Big Sur, and New Mexico to hit a distance target. These rides come with curated playlists and responsive videos, to make you feel like you’re really there.

There are also new guided workouts with some fan-favorite instructors, “if you’d prefer a bit of motivation from some familiar faces as you take in the beauty” of your ride or run locales, Peloton says. This will be coming to users’ touch screens throughout the weekend. 

3. Overhauled fitness programs

Peloton “completely revamped” its multiweek, progressive workout programs, which are instructor-designed collections of classes that can help you reach a specific fitness goal. There are programs designed to help you build a strong foundation for running, yoga, or strength training, for instance.

The refreshed Programs have a “more effective structure, accountability, and functionality to support you and your goals,” according to an email from the company. For example, the new Programs come with a progress bar to monitor your progression, recommended schedules for taking the classes, and achievement badges when you complete each class in order. 

4. A pause button (!)

Last but absolutely not least, Peloton is finally adding the feature that fans have “been begging for,” the company teased on Twitter: a pause button. Later this year Peloton will be adding a pause button that will allow users to hit pause during any on-demand class. Although people who use the Peloton digital app do get a pause button already, the feature will now be available to those on Peloton bikes and treadmills. It’s sure sure to be appreciated by people who need water breaks, pee breaks, snack breaks, and the like.