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'Queer Eye' In Yass, Australia Is On Youtube And It's A 20-Minute Emotional Journey

Netflix released a 20-minute bonus episode of “Queer Eye” on YouTube on Thursday and it’ll make you say, “Yas!”

In the episode, Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, Tan France, Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness headed to Yass, Australia, to work with cattle farmer and former rodeo cowboy George. George is in his 50s, single, and a father of three ― his son Levi nominated him for the show.

“Oh my God, kangaroos!” shouts Porowski at the beginning of the emotional episode.

Brown, France, and Van Ness’ project throughout the episode is bettering George inside and out. 

When George shares that he often spends a lot of time at work instead of with family or friends, Brown imparts the tear-jerking wisdom, “You have to find time for life, because work is not life.”

France gets George situated in better fitting shirts. 

Van Ness gifts him a dentist appointment to fix a darkened tooth that the farmer has had since he was twelve years old.

“I wanted a white tooth for my daughter’s wedding,” says George at the news.

Berk and Porowski spend the episode revamping a historic building in Yass that doubles as a home to a local restaurant and bar. The place isn’t particularly attractive before the gang comes in, but, with the Fab 5′s magic, it becomes a place people will want to spend time in and sit by the fire.

In true “Queer Eye” fashion, the episode will make you laugh, cry, and walk away with a dozen new catchphrases. Watch the whole beautiful mini-episode above. 

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