Recurring UTI’s

Hi Women,

I’m looking for some help regarding reccuring UTI’s.

I am a 22 year old female and I started having sex at age 18 and have experienced ongoing UTI’s ever since. Initially they were so painful I could barely move and stopped me from going to work and uni as I spent all day on and off the toilet with burning pain.

My GP at the time prescribed antibiotics (I can’t recall exactly which ones) and it disappeared within a few days. From then on it has been a constant battle. After sex I have had near constant UTI’s. I go to the bathroom after sex, wipe front to back, clean gently and drink water or cranberry juice or an effervescent mix often to try and cleanse.

I have had over 10 courses of antibiotics over the past 4 years and now struggle with anxiety each time a UTI appears again. The antibiotics I am typically prescribed now are amoxicillin twice daily in the morning and evening. The antiobiotic is the only thing that will sort it. I have had two more long term relationships during this time and casual sex too. I always practice safe sex with condoms.

I had a mirena coil inserted in early 2018 and have had no complications from this. I have had ultrasounds to confirm the coil is in the correct place. I have also had ultrasounds to confirm my kidneys are working well, with no issues there.

I also have HPV – my gynecologist is monitoring this and sees no cause for concern at this point in time. I am due for another pap smear test in just under a year. I had no symptoms of the HPV prior to being tested so she believes there is no relationship between this and the recurring UTI’s. I contracted HPV sometime between December 2019 and April 2020.

In summary, I am concerned about:

  1. The constant appearance of UTI’s after sex, despite practising proper hygiene/preventative methods

  2. Continual use of antibiotics – each time I am re-prescribed I am noticing negative side effects (feel lethargic and tired and get indigestion) and am worried about the potential long term implications. Sometimes I do take a pro-biotic and focus on healthy eating and food for the gut when I am taking a dose.

My doctor is reluctant to send me to a urologist. He proposed possibly taking one antibiotic each time after sex but if I am engaging in this weekly, I don’t think this is necessarily a healthy option or good long term outcome.

Has anyone experienced similar issues to me? It just seems to be a never ending cycle. I enjoy sex but the constant UTI’s almost outweigh at this point in time. If so, please leave your tips or any recommendations you may have.

If any women reading this are also based in Sydney, Australia and can suggest a urologist or specialist who can help me further, please advise!

Thank you!

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