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Registered Dietitians' 13 Favorite 10-Minute Meals

Sometimes it feels like it's impossible to find a recipe that's tasty, healthy, and speedy. I see so-called 10-minute meals all over the web, but when I actually try them out, they're usually too good to be true. Either they'll take way longer than 10 minutes to make, or they just won't have the nutrients I need to feel satisfied. Like, I can throw together a bowl of pasta with sauce in practically no time, but it won't necessarily have enough fiber and protein to keep me from getting hungry again in an hour.

Thankfully, registered dietitians have mastered the art of making a meal in 10 minutes and making it healthy. They've got delicious ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that'll satisfy you and then some. From blueberry pancakes to black bean quesadillas, these are the 13 recipes they rely on when they need something to eat in a pinch.

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