Sean Hannity Shows His Obliviousness With Sanctimonious Speech About Coronavirus

Fox NewsSean Hannity on Wednesday night ― without any hint of irony ― stressed the importance of facts in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Make no mistakes,” warned the “Hannity” host who frequently uses his widely watched primetime show to defend the lies of President Donald Trump, with whom he reportedly talks on the telephone multiple times each day.

“In serious situations, truth matters. Facts matter,” Hannity sanctimoniously continued. “And unfortunately, there’s been way too much politicizing of this, too much well, untruths being told and actually even some actually weaponizing what is a pandemic. That all needs to stop. I hope it will.”

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Hannity, however, has previously downplayed the threat of the virus, which has now sickened more than 1,300 people in the U.S. and killed 38.

Last week, he himself politicized it to attack Democrats and the media.

“It’s like they’re hoping Americans die and get sick and that we all lose a fortune in the stock market because of the jittery stock market,” he said.

On his radio show, meanwhile, Hannity on Wednesday suggested a conspiracy theory about the so-called “deep state” using the outbreak to damage the economy and push mandated medicines “may be true.”

Check out the audio here:

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