Severe vaginal pain-desperate for answers!

Hello all.

So this is what’s happening.

In 2017 I went on accutane. Accutane dries every orifice of your body out, including nostrils, rectum, vagina, eyes, etc. I was experiencing this dryness frequently.

About 7 months into my accutane journey I had protected sex with a friend. I was very dry due to the medication and I actually bled from the sex (not menstrual blood but like, blood from possible abrasions or “brush burns” from the condom.

A few days after, I began having severe vaginal pain. Remember how you used to give Indian burns as a kid on each other’s arms? That’s what it felt like. It really freaked me out and was happening very often. I informed my mom and she said to just stop taking accutane because I had a week left. I still had no idea what was going on. It wasn’t until trial and error that I found that chugging water eventually alleviated the pain. (*side note: I was std tested and infection tested by a gynecologist shortly after and everything checked out fine).

Fast forward to 2021. Through the years u would have the occasional burning sensation but it was never bad and always brief. But ever since January (when I was adjusting to birth control pills after having a failed attempt at the nexplanon rod), I have consistently dealt with this pain weekly at the least. I have no symptoms or discharge or anything of the sort. It begins to feel dry and a little burny and then increased to an Indian-burn like pain for about an hour. When I feel these sensations I just try to chug as much water as possible.

A few months ago I went to the gynecologist and explained my issues. He really made me mad because he just thought the dryness was a sex issue and he wasn’t listening to me. He also examined me and was convinced off the bat that it was BV even though I knew it wasn’t an infection. So once again I was tested for infections and STDs (I have had the same partner for over a year now so that wasn’t my concern) and once again I was negative for those tests. My gynecologist then prescribed me a monophasic pill because he said the consistent estrogen output may prevent the dryness. I haven’t seen any improvements but I can’t keep living with this pain. I was driving to work today breaking out in a sweat over the discomfort.

I feel like something is being overlooked or there has to be a better solution. This pain is so brutal. I want to once again reiterate that I am negative on infection tests and STD tests and I am with a very loyal partner and I was even examined for abrasions and abnormalities in my vagina but everything looks normal.

if this has happened to you or if you have any advice I would be happy to read it! I have an appointment with a different gynecologist in July so I am hoping to find a solution.m but a any and all input and/or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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