Shaun T’s Best Step Exercises

There are some pieces of fitness equipment you look at and immediately see that it’s going to provide a tough workout. Equipment like a loaded barbell or suspension trainer. But a step? That’s about as unassuming as it gets.

Don’t be fooled, though – you can do a whole lot with just a small step. Shaun T’s new six-week training programme Transform:20, available on Beachbody On Demand, puts the step at the centre of its 20-minute HIIT workouts, which promise to torch calories and build lean muscle.

We asked Shaun to pick out five of his favourite step exercises from Transform:20 for you to try.

“The hardest moves in Transform:20 are the moves that are explosive so you really have to focus on the step,” says Shaun. “My challenge to you is to do these moves as slowly as you possibly can. That way you really can feel them in your entire body.”

Each move is demonstrated by Chip, one of the trainers on the Transform:20 team. Run through them a few times to get the movements down, then try putting them all together for a mini step workout that will hit muscles all over the body.

Linking squat lunge

“My favourite move is the linking squat lunge,” says Shaun. “It’s so dynamic. You’re working your hamstrings, your quads and your glutes all at the same time.”

Table-top shuffle

“My second favourite,” says Shaun. “You are working your shoulders and your abs, and it also tests your agility.”


“This involves a lot of core twists,” says Shaun., “It’s going to burn!”

Peanut butter and jelly

“This has a little bit of power and a lot of control which I really enjoy,” says Shaun.

Hip roll-over to pike-up

“I had a tough time with this move but it is great for a balanced workout,” says Shaun. “It’s really, really dope.”

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