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Startups get ready to pitch at 2021 INVEST Digital Health Pitch Perfect Contest. Apply now

Our 2021 INVEST Digital Health Conference (virtual) is coming up in the Fall, and with it comes the time for novel startups to apply to our pitch competition.

This year, startups can apply in three categories:

Home Health  –  Startups in this category are those that are accelerating the move away from the hospital or clinic to the home through digital diagnostics, app-based care management or in-person care delivery in the home.

Chronic Disease Management and VBC – Startups in this category are trying to reduce costs and improve outcomes of patients with chronic diseases including behavioral health.

Tech to Boost Payer/Provider Efficiency  –  Startups in this category help to reduce both administrative and operational burden for payers and providers.

Here is the application form. The deadline is 5PT on Friday, June 25. There is no fee to apply. Startups that have pitched at a MedCity event in the last 12 months are not eligible to apply.

Here is the wider conference agenda. Those interested to speak in any of the sessions mentioned may apply here.

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