Stephanie Del Valle: Miss World 2016 talks about her Workout, Diet, Beauty secrets and Success story

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Stephanie Del Valle Miss World 2016, international top model, actress and singer is the most successful Miss World in the History of the pageant, garnering over $ 40M dollars for charity during her reign. She was selected the only Ambassador to date for Beauty with a Purpose Foundation. As an international top model Stephanie has walked the runway for Puerto Rican and international designers such as Agatha Ruiz de La Prada, Gionni Sraccia, and Stella Nolasco and has walked the runways of Paris Fashion Week for designer Miriam Budet. She has also modeled for brands such as The W Hotel, Ego Shoes, Valija Gitana,

Gatsby and the Disney Vacation Club.

Recent events include Global Village 2020, a cultural event by the AIESEC, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka and the NY National Puerto Rican Day Parade’s Commemorative broadcast where she was featured along top Puerto Rican celebrities and personalities including Lin Manuel Miranda (Hamilton), Esai Morales (Mission Impossible/ Ozark), Ivonne Coll (Jane the Virgin) and more.

Stephanie is now in Hollywood where she is pursuing a television and film acting career. She is currently training for her new Hollywood movie which is in pre-production and has been called to audition by some of Hollywood’s A-list Academy Award-winning directors/producers in the industry.

Women Fitness President Ms. Namita Nayyar did a candid interview with Stephanie Del Valle Miss World 2016, International top model, actress and singer where she talks about her workout, diet, hair & skincare, and her success story.

Namita Nayyar:

You won the Miss World Pageant in 2016 making history as a person of Puerto Rican origin who has won the Miss World title.  How do you feel about this historic moment?

Stephanie Del Valle:

It was an incredible honor to have won the title of Miss World. I am so blessed to have held this title, to have used it to spread kindness and compassion all over the world, as well as to letting the world know about Puerto Rico.  At that moment, I didn’t realize that being only 19 years old, competing against 116 other contestants and winning the title of Miss World would be such a great feat. Now I look back and I couldn’t be prouder of what I have accomplished for myself and for my country.

Namita Nayyar:

After a groundbreaking win, you became the most successful Miss World in its history, raising over $ 40 Million dollars for charity. You were also chosen as the only Ambassador to date for the Beauty with a Purpose Foundation.  How were you able to achieve this and how do you feel about your accomplishments with this noble charitable cause?

Stephanie Del Valle
Photo-Credit: Jeileen Ocasio
Stephanie Del Valle:

When I won the title and began my duties as Miss World 2016, I gave my heart and soul to Beauty with a Purpose. I traveled to different countries raising funds and giving back in every way that we could. I didn’t know the extent of my work until after I crowned my successor. I was completely shocked when they announced the tally of the funds for charity that had been raised. Shortly after, the Miss World organization offered me the position as the first ever Beauty with a Purpose Ambassador, whose job was to accompany the reigning Miss World and continue promoting Beauty with a Purpose worldwide. I think I must have done something well, Right?

Namita Nayyar:

You have started a new career in Hollywood. Tell us more about it.

Stephanie Del Valle:

I have always had a love for performing. Acting, singing, dancing… I love it all! Now being able to properly pursue a career in something that I love so much is an incredible honor. My move to Hollywood is my next big frontier. Now, we are lucky enough to live in an age where TV and film are available on multiple and different platforms.

Namita Nayyar:

You are a leading media personality, international top model, actress, singer, and philanthropist and brand ambassador. How do you manage such a remarkable multi-dimensional lifestyle?

Stephanie Del Valle:

It’s all part of the package that comes with the exposure. Luckily, I’ve been able to develop myself in all these different aspects that I love. Most of the time, it doesn’t even feel like work. As the saying goes: “When you chose a job that you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life!” 

Namita Nayyar:

Getting to fitness: Tell us about the workout routine you follow on a day-to day basis with all the traveling that is involved. 

Stephanie Del Valle:

Traveling makes having a daily routine very difficult, especially with jet lag and the constant changing of time zones. However, because of this, you have to be more aware of your diet, hydration and making the most of your free time to exercise in whichever way you can. This includes using the gym, your hotel room, inside the airplane, walking around the city or in an airport; you name it! Now that I have the time, I go to the gym every day and do my routine with a personal trainer. I also enjoy watching @hybridcalesthenics on TikTok. He is very positive in his approach towards getting people to live a healthy and an active lifestyle, which I think is awesome.

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