Stormi’s $3 Snack Bowl

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Why did the chicken cross the road? To use a super popular baby bowl, of course! Kylie Jenner recently shared an adorable photo of her 3-year-old daughter Stormi eating out of the bestselling Munchkin Stay Put Suction Bowl ($10 for three at

“is that a chiiiiicken ?” Jenner captioned the image of her toddler eating some food while dressed in a chicken costume.

At just over $3 per bowl, this is a relatively affordable option that many parents rely on for mess-free mealtimes. And while Stormi is standing up and holding her bowl, the real magic happens when you leave the bowl on a high chair tray or other surface. The suction base allows you to place the bowl down and not worry about baby picking it up and spilling or tossing it on the floor. Now that Stormi is a toddler, she has more motor skills and can easily hold the bowl. But for parents with babies 6 months or older, this is a great option — especially for baby-led weaning (which, if you’re unfamiliar, is when you introduce solids by giving your baby finger foods instead of purees).

Even better? The bowl is microwave- and top shelf dishwasher-safe, making preparing meals and cleanup a breeze.

These aren’t the only Stormi-inspired baby items we’re adding to our carts. The tot has also sported another bestseller: the Bumkins SuperBib. And who can resist a baby chicken costume?

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