Sweating and vomiting from cramps?

This is a first for me, and honestly I’m not sure if it’s me being just sick or if it’s a feminine issue. I got a new IUD placed maybe 2 months ago. First one lasted about 5 years and was causing a lot of cramping and discomfort in the last 6 months of its life. Got the new one placed, hurt like hell but I was fine after less than 48 hours, no bleeding or anything. Now my IUD has always stopped me from having an actual period, I don’t bleed at all. But I would still get the occasional week long period like episode where I’d have all the signs and symptoms of a period, I just wouldn’t bleed. They told me that this could happen with this IUD as well, and I just was at the office a week ago and they said my IUD is still in place. For the last few days I’ve had bad cramps, I thought at first I had a UTI because it hurt like a cramp when I urinated. Took a laxative and that helped a lot, no more pain on my bladder. But this morning I woke up because I was in such intense pain. The pain has shifted to my lady parts now. I thought at first maybe I had to poop, maybe it was gas. Nothing, and the pain was so intense that I was sweating profusely and was vomiting from the pain. I’ve never experienced abdominal cramping this bad. The only thing that’s helped is leaving a heating pad on it. Even the heat from my hand helped. Has anyone ever had this? Is my IUD messed up? Do I have something wrong with me?

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