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Perfect Zodiac Gifts For Astrology Lovers That Any Sign Will Appreciate

Celebrate your celestial-consumed cousin, star-obsessed sister, or planet-pursuing partner with an astrology gift they’re sure to love — even when Mercury is in retrograde. Whether it’s a find to help them better understand their sign, to celebrate their rising and moon signs, or to channel their powerful energy within, there are so many gifts your […]


I Rely On Closed Captions to Enjoy a Show And I Don't Appreciate Netflix's Way of Censoring Them

When Netflix first rebooted Queer Eye as an original series, I binged the first season in record time, reveling in the joy of the Fab 5. Their easy kindness, even in the face of surprisingly difficult conversations, was a welcome respite from the toxic masculinity that plagued headlines across 2018. Fortunately for me and other […]


17 Father’s Day Activities Your Dad Will Appreciate

28 Marriage Tips from Grandmas You’d Be a Fool Not to Follow These grandmas aren’t politically correct and are more than a little sassy, but after all, who knows better how to have a successful relationship than someone who’s had decades of experience? Let’s block ads! (Why?) Relationships – Reader's Digest