What are the best fabrics for intimates?

[unable to retrieve full-text content] I’m working on a market study to better understand fabrics for intimate areas. That being said I’m curious on hearing good and bag experience on how panty fabrics impact you and your peach. submitted by /u/cleanPeaches [link] [comments] Women’s Health: women’s health news, issues and discussion


The Best Trail Running Shoes For Women In 2020, According To Athletes And Experts

Same ol’ concrete running route feeling a little, well, old? Good news: Trail running is having a much-deserved (and much-needed) moment — and we’re oh-so-here for it. Those smart folks are onto something: Exercising in nature actually quiets the part of the brain associated with overthinking, says research published by PNAS. (Can we say “yes, please”?!) […]