3 Tips to Keep Your Abs Strong During Pregnancy

Are you wanting to keep your abs strong during pregnancy? *I’ll be honest…pregnancy IS the best time to strengthen your core.* This is because you have a baby inside your belly to give you tactile feedback and connect with your body on a whole new level. >>By keeping your abs strong during pregnancy, you can prepare your body for labor…

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Pelvic Floor Strengthening Exercise

Did you know that the pelvic floor is the key to healing your body postpartum? >>The pelvic floor is involved in everything you do!<< Although you might think you’re strengthening your pelvic floor by doing Kegels, your pelvic floor is much bigger than the small area Kegels address. Below is a breakdown of a pelvic floor strengthening exercise regardless of…

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Loneliness Could Become an Even Bigger Public Health Threat Than Obesity

Everybody experiences loneliness from time to time. But a new study suggests that in recent years, people have felt increasingly lonely and isolated—and the physical and psychological ramifications of all this solo time could prove to be a bigger health threat than the obesity epidemic. The idea that having fewer social connections can lead to poorer health is […]