How Your Body Changes when You’re Horny

Within the vast ranges of human sexuality, we all have different things that make us tick. Certain pressure points or words that get our engines revving. Memories and fantasies that get the juices flowing.  We’re talking about getting horny. We all know the feeling. The yearn. The tingles and desires.  What many of us don’t […]


This Is Your Body And Brain On Coronavirus Quarantine

Now that it’s day who-even-knows-anymore in the coronavirus pandemic, and the initial shock of it all is starting to wear off, you might find yourself distracted by a barrage of mental and physical symptoms that weren’t as prominent back when panic-induced toilet-paper hoarding was hogging your attention. This is because the prolonged levels of anxiety […]


How to Prepare Your Body For Labor

If you’re a woman and have given birth or plan to give birth one day, it’s likely the most strenuous, physically painful experience you will ever endure. Planning for an all-natural birth, I knew I wanted to do anything and everything I could to ease my pain and/or shorten the length of time I would […]


Total Body, Home Circuit in 30 Minutes

This week I wanted to share a full-body circuit workout that requires only your bodyweight and no gym. This quick and efficient circuit will keep your metabolism fired up and your body burning fat all day long! Since I’m a working mom with limited time, it is all about getting in an efficient workout in the least amount of time possible. […]